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Uyuni: A different world…

Finally, after a lot of time of inactivity, I’ll talk about what is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and without any doubt the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited. In the last article (you can find it here: Around Bolivia), I started telling you about my trip to Bolivia, including the capital […]

3 days in a island: Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande After visiting Rio, our goal was pretty special. In fact it was a beautiful island in the south-east of the Brazilian coast, the island known as Ilha Grande. To get there you have to reach the province of Angra do Reis, about 2 hours drive south of Rio. From here you have to […]

Rio de Janeiro: The city of happiness

Rio de Janeiro Today I begin to talk about my trip to Brazil, a country where everybody would like to go at least once in his life. During my stay in Argentina, the idea of ​​being able to visit the home of football, the city with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, […]

Concepción, Andes, and the coal mine

In the previous article (you can find it here: The longest country of the world), I started to talk about my wonderful trip to Chile. Today, I will conclude this extraordinary adventure going to the discovery of Concepcion, the Andes, and the “terrible” descent to the ancient mine of Lota. From the Central Station of Santiago, […]

The longest country in the world: Chile

The longest country in the world Even before leaving for South America one of my goals was to visit Chile. This desire was due on the one hand because I have always been fascinated by the “wildest” of the earth, but on the other hand because I had in Chile many friends met years before […]

Uruguay: Colonia, Piriapolis and Montevideo

In this topic I will talk about my first “journey within a journey” made during my stay in South America: the wonderful adventure in Uruguay. Uruguay has been a journey really wanted to, if I may say so. After all, just the thought of being able to visit the birthplace of Pepe Mujica was sufficient […]

A particular day

When I was in Buenos Aires happened a particular event, without a doubt one of those emotions that happen a few times in your life. In fact, they organized the day of Calabrian migrants. Written on a blog obviously is not the same effect, but I assure you that being in a land so far […]

Other side of the world

I concluded the previous article saying that Argentina was waiting for me. Today I open this by saying that maybe I was waiting for that. There was a time in my life when I felt I needed to prove myself, to actually see where I was able to get, and I realized that to do […]